Annual awards honoring journalism that contributes to Inter-American understanding

Press Freedom Conference

In celebration of 75 years of the Maria Cabot Awards, Columbia Journalism School is holding two conferences in 2013 to survey the state of press freedom and press standards as they affect democracy in Latin America today. Organized by Adjunct Professor Edward Schumacher-Matos, s , the conferences bring together leading journalists, experts and officials from around the hemisphere in a roundtable format of open discussion.

The hope is to continue ongoing study and dialogue here by assembling and aggregating papers and articles and hosting comments. The sponsors have been Cabot Family Trust, World Bank, Google, NPR, NTN24, Open Society Foundation and two Columbia University programs–Committee on Global Thought and the International Media, Advocacy and Communications Specialization at the School for International and Public Affairs. The conference programs below offer a baseline and help frame the discussion going forward.

Reports, videos and more about  May’s conference can be found here and to learn more about October’s conference click here.